Review: Khruangbin – White Gloves


Every time a new release from Khruangbin comes around my head feels as dizzy as though I've just wolfed down a handful of pints and gambled on a quick trip on a waltzer at a travelling fair. Of course, this is a much more enjoyable experience than the obvious impending travesty of what I can only put down to poor judgement after being led astray by an attractive young woman.

My foolishness aside, once the smooth basslines from Laura Lee enter your ears there's an immediate sense of calm that runs through your veins and even the most hectic of environments can be swiftly turned into a classy chill-out lounge at the back of one of London's finest, upstanding clubs. The laid back drumming style helps slow your heart rate down to optimum speed while the guitar gently massages your brain as if to say 'everything is going to be ok'. But if you're happy to let the sounds of Khruangbin take over your mind, body, soul and decision-making for the next few hours then you could quite easily find yourself having the time of your life.

It definitely doesn't feel like you've been tuned in for three and a half minutes by the time it all comes to an end but I'm sure by now even a chimp can work out how to make something play on repeat. You're going to have to give this a fair few listens, once simply isn't enough to enjoy the sheer beauty of the song in all its magnificent glory.

White Gloves is out on 4th September via Night Time Stories.