Review: Higamos Hogamos – Fuzzy Majesty Ep


Higamos Hogamos have been knocking around since 2009, sticking consistantly to an increasingly honed formula of Krautrock, cosmic space jams, groovy psychedelia and punk funk basslines, utterly unconcerned with whether their sound is in fashion or not. On this 6 tracker for new Glaswegian  label Invisible Inc, this determination pays off – one of the tracks, Lionhead was first recorded in 2010 but hasn't aged a day; it's  the sound of a band with an unerring sense of what they like, who simply don't give a fuck what you think. This is the kind of weirdo disco that DFA used to support, rock fans making head music for loose limbed ravers. At times, such as on the growling Cold 100, the band get close to the strut and swagger of the Happy Mondays, which is never going to be a problem. The eponymous, instrumental closer is built around rising, organ and guitar, that are, genuinely, majestic – a soundtrack for infinite dreams of tomorrow's world. 

Whether the Fuzzy Majesty EP ties into a scene is irrelevant – it's a mini album that works on it's own terms. It's trippy and fun, and probably the first time since the electro-clash years that the term indie-dance can be used without sounding like a pejorative. Recommended.


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