Review: Dj Yk – You Make Dat


So what I don’t get about all these old skool, Dance Mania fetishists is why they need a booty bass tune to be 20 years old before they can say it’s good. Because as far as I can see this track from DJ YK is some heavy ghetto techno shit that stands up to any mid-90s classic that’ll set you back 50 sheets on Discogs. I suspect (read, I’m certain) it just boils down to bullshit record nerd snobbery, that crazy mentality that assigns a value to a record based on it’s expense and inaccessibility, rather than if the damn thing's any good. So, anyway, forget that mindset – You Make Dat bangs, and if you can find the time for Jammin Gerald (as well you should), you can find the time for this. It thumps, it was probably knocked up in three hours, and it’s got more raw techno bite to it than a million dull-ass Dusky plodders. DJs, I want to hear more of this in the club.