Review: Chaos In The Cbd – Invisible Spectrum


Few records encapsulate the mood of a musical moment like Chaos in the CBD's 'Midnight in Peckham'. The warm, jazzy, deep-house cut produced by brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales confirmed the pair's place as one of the most prized acts south of the river during 2015. Rubbing shoulders with Bradley Zero and Henry Wu, Chaos in the CBD have come a long way in the year that has followed, releasing a two-track EP ('Global Erosion/Background Explorer') and keeping their diaries fully booked up for DJing duties. 

That brings us to their newest release, 'Invisible Spectrum', which is out on Rhythm Section today after a release on You and Me (YAM) music for their previous EP. 'Invisible Spectrum' is a return to what we know and love from the New Zealand born brothers, hazy house for after dark. The opening title track echoes Midnight in Peckham – with the return of the trumpet and smooth jazzy chords which made their debut so popular. Spanning over 10 minutes, the temperature increases as the track rumbles before fading away as it began, leaving us wanting more.

With that we move into the second track, 'Observe Pt. 2', which welcomes us in with offbeat organ chords before the inevitable kick returns. The track is similarly smokey, this time with the addition of distant crowd noises which which swirl around a colourful synth and add to the tracks warmth. The final track, 'Significant Others' continues in the same vein, with the crowd in the background accompanied by atmospheric pads. A flute part is added in which glides over the hazy chords, it is simple but effective. It's easy to picture the impact these tracks will have on dancefloors across London, not just in Peckham. 

The two brothers indulge us in the tried and tested sound which won many over a year ago, with no need to change what's proving to be a winning formula. 

You can get your copy of 'Invisible Spectrum' HERE

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