Review: Bambooman Feat. Segilola – Hurry Along


We like a good earbleeding choon here at R$N, in fact so much that we decided to dedicate a whole website to them (and cats, lots of cats). But sometimes we like to soothe the oft scabbed over hearing utensils attached to the side of our heads with a bit of ambient, trip-hop or Balearic trance (haha lol of course not really Balearic trance!!!). 

So thank fuck for Bambooman and London based singer Segilola for brewing up another EP of soulful delights with ‘Halt’, their second collaboration after the critically acclaimed ‘Somewhere Along The Line’ EP  they released back in 2013. 

R$N is happy to premiere a stand out track ‘Hurry Along’ for your listening delights. The first thing that will strike you about the track is the delicious voice of Segilola, which reminds me of a lump of butter melting on a hot bit of toast. The production from Bambooman as ever is precise as it is dream-like. He marshals sound like a skilled referee in a particularly feisty derby, with complicated patterns and tones mixed in a way that sounds naturally lulling. 

Anyway enough chatting shit from me, have a listen and judge for yourself;