single review: Rødhåd – Helldiver


Just when you thought Dante had got the whole journey through hell thing sewn up with his 14th Century banger 'Inferno', along come's Rodhad (I've got no idea how to make the funny symbols in his name #FontFail) to deliver a harrowing 7 minute tunnel through the murky depths of Hades. This is techno that makes you screw your face up and go 'proper'. It's born from the booming android DNA of Jeff Mills's Purpose Maker project, and nods to the rolling, speaker crushing, pant shitting kicks that were the making of Dave Clarke's 'Red' series. Understandbly then, it's not for a) the faint hearted and b) people who want something they can hum along to. On the other hand, if you fancy a visceral trip to a murderous mechanoid afterlife, this is your chap. Recommended.

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