La Voz Del Sinchi – Bareto


Nothing quite says Christmas than a batch of mighty fine Peruvian music – I can feel my bells jinging (bells. BELLS) and the snow glistening on the treetops within the globe sitting in front of me. What glorious sounds these are, I have a bit of a strange experience when I first listened to it;

Watch the video. You have to watch the video. The song is, without doubt, amazing but the video makes it into something else, the likes of which you'll only come across a handful of times in your lifetime.

This is a sweetly psychedelic offering that'll calm your nerves and melt your mind in one fell swoop. I'm not well-versed in the realm of illegal substances but I imagine this to be what it's like to smoke what the young people are calling a 'jazz cigarette'. That's the hardest drug I can think of. What's a hallucinogen?

There's all the sway of a samba, melded with the confusion that can only come from a guitar being given free reign. The sounds conjure up all the colours. ALL THE COLOURS!

And now, with a little bit of a clearer head, marginally, I feel that same enthusiasm for these sounds as they are as an aural kaleidoscope – twisting and twirling in new combinations so that I'll never come across replicated sounds ever again.

Top stuff for bringing the winter a spot of sun.