Kotelett And Zadak – Triphoria (Hommage)


Sexy, melancholic and utterly compelling. If I had to sum up this ten track release from German duo Kotelett and Zadak in just a few words, these would be the ones. Monkey Safari's latest release on their celebrated Hommage label comes courtesy of the supremely talented and respected German duo Kotelett and Zadak. Having released on labels such as Hi Freaks, Akker and Katermukke, their pedigree is unquestioned and all their experience and expertise is on show here. 

Arpeggio Dreams opens up with slow, deep bass throughout, covered by blissfully light synth, this is a teasing opener, not quite letting the listener in, just offering a hint of what is to come. Cure curious excitement. 
With seductive french vocals from Gabriela Lindlova, the listener is presented with an altogether faster rhythm, gently bubbling at the surface. La Lune brings sensuality to the album, and is by this point turning heads up and down the dancefloor.
Third track ‘Triphoria’ is where the German brothers really start to impose themselves. With a distinct rolling bassline, this is where the album really kicks off.
‘Light’ is a step back, a tease if you will, and in fact sets the stage for what is to come.
‘Let it happen’ follows on in a similar vein to ‘Light’, albeit with a more inclusive bassline. As the title suggests, we should be let it happen, don’t think too much, just enjoy the ride.
‘Bodies in the night’, as the opener of the second half of the album, is a much groovier affair. The return of those sensual vocals, accompanied by a higher tempo and firmer bassline make this track both enchanting and compelling.
What is there to say about ‘Milla’? Maybe it’s a combination of vocals that bizarrely resonate with a certain Brigitte Bardot in 1986 and drums that verge on the tribal. Either way, it’s definitely one of the highlights of the album.
Penultimate track ‘Everything I Do’ is the funkiest piece on the album, a move away from everything that precedes it. Coming out of the blue, this is a demonstration of the broad talents of both Kotelett and Zadak, and is one of the most endearing tracks on the record.
Lastly ‘Take Me Back’ is a lo-fi effort, with jazzy drums, a track with hints of samba and reggae. 

Triphoria is a perfectly composed and executed journey with smooth transitions from sub-genre to sub-genre. It takes the listener up and down, back and forth, and through a gamut of emotions. Flawlessly written and excellently delivered. This is a must listen. 

Triphoria is avalaible to buy now