Khruangbin – The Infamous Bill


In theory, there's not too much more that can be done with blues that hasn't already already been covered time and time again.

In theory.

What better new element to add to the familiar sounds of the blues than a slice of Thai-infused sounds, brought to your ears via Texas. There's an authentic patience to the sound which relies upon a sturdy bass and guitars that have enough edge to comfortably win a game of rock-paper-scissors. Even if your opponent picks rock!

There are plenty of tasty licks on offer and, whilst for the most part the bass and drums simply act as a delightful accompaniment, there are moments of synchronicity that effortlessly impress. All 4 tracks on the EP are full of individual charm and the trio are able to portray a scene of calm and serenity whilst drifting your mind back to the Old West. If you close your eyes, it'll feel as though you're in one of them fancy Spaghetti Westerns. Though this isn't really about the duels or anger, this music is much better suited to lazing away on a sunny afternoon. In the summertime.

This is captivating stuff, it has all the best elements of a jazz band without ever feeling repetitive. You won't feel like you're missing out on a vocal as there's plenty to keep your mind busy, there's enough funk in the bass to keep a spring in your step well after the record has finished, the drums become much more than simply a necessity and the guitar mastery will bring a wry smile to your face.

Rather pleasing stuff indeed.

The Infamous Bill is out now.