Katy B – Broken Record – reviewed


If you sucked Peaches Geldof out of culture, and I mean completely, so it was as if you removed every tabloid reference to her, every internet photo and every banal utterance that has glooped out of her stupid mouth, and left a world in which she had never existed, and then you took that world and you put it up against the previous world that she did exist in (are you still with me here..?), and then you found some interstellar guardian of the universe and you presented them with the two universes, like some cheap spot-the-difference space filler you might find clogging up Chat Magazine, and you said go on then, tell me what the difference is, it'd take them fucking ages- AGES- to notice that anything had changed whatsoever. To be fair the same could be said about me, but Im not making a living from a shit TV show. So anyway, whilst Katy B seems like a nice person, this song feels a bit like that an all.

Ian Mcquaid