Jose Padilla ‘Solito’


Ah, the calming sounds of world music. I feel as though I'm preparing myself for some kind of Asian massage, or perhaps even acupuncture. No, massage. My fear of needles has resurfaced at simply the thought of acupuncture.

It's nice to be able to chill out with a track like 'Solito', especially because I'm on the second day of a horrendous hangover – don't mix your drinks kids! As I close my eyes I'm enveloped by a mysterious jungle world which makes me feel like Mowgli without the threat of Shere Khan. The fact I'm wearing a loincloth has little to do with it. Honest. Each and every beat is so enticing and they sit dutifuly behind a swirling cauldron of sweet sound effects.

The solitary synth line that keeps me from falling into a deep sleep is simple and effective, it leaves plenty of room for the jungle's orchestra to explore and twist fantasies within my head. Once the horn is blown it feels as though I'm being watched by an army from a previously undiscovered tribe, though it would appear that they have manage to craft instruments from vines and plants and have a modal tonality surprisingly similar to ours.

As each wave of sound floats harmlessly over me I feel caught up in the rhythm, ready to begin my new life in the jungle. It is then that my eyes re-open and I find myself back in sunny Essex with my lunch in front of me and memories of a distant jungle already beginning to fade.

Oh look, my soup is cold. Shame.

Ciaran Steward