Daniel Maloso In and Out – A Reflection


After several releases with Comeme’s techno warrior Rebolledo, fellow Mexican Daniel Maloso follows his one-time collaborator with a debut long player of his own.

‘In and Out’ could almost be the follow up to last year’s classy ‘Super Vato’ from Rebolledo, both albums are intrinsically linked to each other in sound and style.’In & Out’  is mainly groove based which makes it sound at times like nothing much happening, but on tracks like ‘Boney’ and the spookfest ‘They came at night’, all it takes is a three second chord change at the end to make it all make sense, these chord changes come and they’re almost strokes of genius.
It seems nothing is safe from Maloso’s musical sticky fingers; ‘Right Kind’ cut and pastes elements of ‘Funky town’, ‘Never can say goodbye’ and ‘Le Freak’ and throws in a guitar riff for good measure while, ‘Steady Rolling’ indicates an unhealthy love of 80s crap such as Streethawk and Airwolf, all this is done with a sound which is undoubtedly now.