Coco – Target Practice


Coco has been in the grime game for a decade, releasing quality music and honing his MC skills. Recently, however, he’s started to get more mainstream notoriety, thanks to one of Sheffield’s favourite sons Tom Bell AKA Toddla T. Thanks to appearances on Toddla’s Radio 1 and 1Xtra shows Coco’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. After one of his appearances with Toddla the two went straight to a studio and decided to try and record something. The results of their labours is Target Practice, a no holds barred piece of grime majesty!

Opening with a barrage of dark basslines and low tempo beats, this is another flawless piece of production from Toddla. As if we would be given anything else. Not only does it sound fresh and current, there is an old school flavour to it too. This subtle nod shows that Toddla isn’t just capable of releasing forward thinking music, but has a musical knowledge of where the music originally came from. However the star of the show is Coco. His rhymes are slick and articulate. There are elements of social commentary, toasting, pathos and most importantly humanity, everything we’ve come to expect from Coco.

Rumour has it that Coco is at present working on an album. The name involved are being kept hush-hush, but another couple Toddla cuts have to be included, as this pairing is too good to be a one off occurrence. Although if Target Practice, and his already rich back catalogue is anything to go by, this is something to get very, very excited about!