Bing & Ruth – Tomorrow Was The Golden Age


Is there a more beautiful sound that a fine piano? Well, probably – I'm sure that anyone with kids would have something to say on the matter. Nevertheless, there's a beautiful opening to this Bing & Ruth album as their ambient approach begins to take shape and moulds out a wonderfully embellished soundscape all around you. The opening track is an enticing overture that will capture your mind and curiosity alike, urging you to delve a little deeper?

Do I dare fall down the rabbit hole?

Go on then…

What's wonderful about music like this is that you're not stuck looking for a specific focus or purpose, the music is there for music's sake which makes it so much easier to drift away on as if being carried by swarms of candy floss flies. No, I don't know either, I just got caught up in the moment. There are wonderful scores that have been compiled to usher in the rare cascading moments and act as a keen watchman for those calmer, more peaceful times.

Even when you encounter some of the more frantic sounds within the album there's no need to panic, calmness is certainly the key. Step away briefly from your busy life and let these musical waves wash over you. Dissonances are resolved rather swiftly to ensure that any tension is not keeping you from a glorious destiny. We wouldn't want you being late now, would we?

There's a genuine charm to this album thanks to the raw nature of sounds, even the booming beauty that is The Towns We Love Is Our Town is no more than a blue whale passing on by. This is perfectly curated music for the dream life.

Live on the ocean shores.

Feel the breeze and sand surrounding you.

Be the mermaid.

'Tomorrow Was The Golden Age' is out now via RVNG Intl.