Watch: Waldemar Schwartz – La Taza De Oro Video (Golf Channel)


The first project for new NYC native and Golf Channel signee under the new nom de guerre of Bogdan Irkuk aka Bulgari who did a bunch of stuff on rollerboys. 

A few quotes from Waldemar to go with the video:

"Pretending to be a Bulgarian bodybuilder was fun for a while, but it also painted me into a corner a little bit when the name started to get a little fame. The new tracks I’m making have a new sound so time for a new name. I like making up names. Waldemar is my middle name. Schwartz is a name that I see on signs around the city. In a way, it’s an NYC version of my name.”

"I just think of it as New York music. It’s what I hum on the subway or riding the bike on the pier.”

"I don’t have a drum kit, but laying down a nasty bass line, that’s my job.”

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Directed by Trouble Hands
Starring Jaden Jordan & Crystal Boyd 
Cinematography by Matthew Schroeder 
Edited by Jason Evans & Jeanne Applegate 
Additional Sound by Matt Snedecor 
Color by Roman Hankewycz at Harbor Picture Company 
Produced by Kristen Prappas at Trish South Management
Special thanks to Trish South