Video Premiere: Yssue – Lawnmower Dub


Vivid colours and abstract shapes continuously morphed her dreams into indistinct realities; where her waking hours began and her deep slumber ended had become blurred. Her anxieties rippled through night and day, it hardly mattered if she were asleep or awake anymore. Rather she chose to welcome this eternal psychological limbo, for it wouldn’t help her to do otherwise…

In June of this year Moscovite musician Yssue released his sophomore EP The Laughing Gas, a four-tracker taking in mutating acoustics and intricately composed rhythms. As a follow up to the release, which came out on Belgrade’s YES imprint, Yssue has worked closely with Vera Baratova and Konstantin Koryagin, two video artists from the Moscow School of New Cinema, to create a music video for one of the tracks, ‘Lawnmower Dub’. In the words of the label, the video is “in essence, a mesmerizing cycle, an exploration of anxiety that welcomes you into its cadenced dreamlike embrace.”


Video credits:
Director: Vera Baratova, Konstantin Koryagin
Cast: Sonya Stupenkova, Konstantin Koryagin
Edit: Vera Baratova
Camera: Vera Baratova, Emile Khafizov, Konstantin Koryagin, Alexander Kuzmin
Music: Yssue
Released: Y.E.S.