Video Premiere: Warmduscher – The Honest Woman


The wonderfully weird world of Warmduscher has once more opened its doors and we've captured a glimpse of what goes on inside their heads, thanks in no small part to the brand new video for their track 'The Honest Woman'. Rather than having us ramble on, analysing what you're about to see, here are the Warmduscher guys to explain the story behind the video;

"We found a camera in a cape cod thrift store, it was a real bargain, a steal as they say.

"There was a drivers license in the bag, it belonged to Paul V. Doane and was dated to 1994. We looked him up and found out he was the towns selectman, A real powerhouse of a man, and more importantly not dead. How did the camera get there we thought?

"We looked around the bag some more and found a note saying please return the camera to Seth Doane if found. After looking up Seth Doane we found out that he is Paul’s son and an award winning journalist and TV news presenter so we weren't too worried about returning it. Not much of it makes sense really, but the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow lies in the gay porn and religious ceremonies found recorded on the tapes that were left in the bag. 

"This is our interpretation of of a day in the life of father Paul and son Seth in the golden age of 1994. Living the dream, the whole world ahead of you, digitally mastered and streamed in the privacy of however you want it. 'I've been upset for a very long time’."

Right, got all that? Now here's the video in question;

Oh, and here's the aforementioned licence and note. Just because.

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