Video Premiere: SW. – meanDreaMbeam


His thoughts were reckless and vivid, a magnetic array of colours which flashed and flickered with each word paired with a vision or flutter of light. This was his mean dream beams, he did not know what they might mean or what they might seem. Each day was a kaleidoscope of chaotic hazy magic as deep pinks blurred with illustrious yellows in the warmth of the daylight. Yet when night fell everything went black.

SW. is an artist whom we admire here at Ransom Note, his music is odd and abstract. At some points it leans towards the dancefloor yet more often than not it will weave and pull itself apart in a way which is as much self destructive as it is magic.

His new album on Avenue 66 is a myriad of wild electronics and machinery, a playful journey through texture sound.

This video accompanies the release.

Video courtesy of Buy HERE.