Video Premiere: Sutja Gutierrez – Why You Follow Me


Though we might not know exactly where Sutja Gutierrez is headed in the future we're very much happy to follow him to the ends of the earth. Why? Because, as well as putting together his excellent editions of the Metaphysical Circus, he's pretty handy with putting together some sounds.

His latest excursion actually comes in the form of a video for 'Why You Follow Me' which allows us to quite literally follow him thanks to the wonders of video. As we take this gaze into Sutja's world, we perhaps learn a little more about our go-to guy on all things metaphysical. He might think that it's hard to understand why we follow him but in truth we'd be foolish not to as he opens our ears and our minds to all sorts of new adventures.

Go on, get a glimpse of what it's like to spend a few minutes in the life of Sutja Gutierrez through the eyes of director Aaron J. Melian;

'Why You Follow Me' is taken from the album Cult & Truth which is out now via AMDISCS (Digital) and Bleeding Gold Records (Vinyl).