Video Premiere: STUFF. – Honu


The landscape was paradisiacal, as if it were plucked straight from the front of a postcard. Not a cloud marred the sky, the only thing that stirred the surroundings was a gentle breeze that rippled gently through the crystal clear waters. It were as if you were looking through a glass floor; the vibrant colours of the sea life and seabed below bursting forth in HD. It all felt too perfect, too squeaky clean. Something ugly had to be lurking somewhere.

Belgian quintet STUFF.’s third studio album ‘T(h)reats’, set for release on Sdban Ultra, is a reaction to the current situation around the world and a nod to how art and music can help provide respite from the present. Led by one of the country’s most talented rhythm-makers Lander Gyselinck, it’s no surprise the group have become recognised for their unique rhythmic and melodic sensibilities, using electronic wind instruments, drums, electric bass, synthesizers and turntables to create their expansive and hypnotic sound.

The video, made by, is based on the Guy Vandenbranden ‘Composition’ artwork from 1967 and combines 70-ish graphics with images of a Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) — the inspiration behind the song’s title.