Video Premiere: SHHE – Eyes Shut (rRoxymore Remix)


The dim orange glow of the street lamps guided her way home through unfamiliar streets. Normally she didn’t take this path but her usual route had been diverted leaving her with no other option. She felt a slight unease at how silent and empty the streets were, at least until she heard a scuffle of feet somewhere behind her. As she made to turn the corner, a hand rested softly on her shoulder, sending a cold shiver down her spine. She shut her eyes tight, heart beating out of her chest. Turning slowly around with baited breath, she let out a huge sigh of relief at the familiar face staring back at her…

Following her debut release last year, which explored themes of identity and fluidity through sparse atmospherics, Scottish-Portuguese artist SHHE lands on One Little Independent Records with her new album Re:. Further dissecting those themes prevalent on her debut, she revisits and reprocesses those meditations, this time teaming up with several artists including rRoxymore, Sophia Loizou and Alva Noto, to collaborate on these reimaginations. Our pick sees DFA and Don’t Be Afraid producer rRoxymore take on the celestial sounds of ‘Eyes Shut’ adding signature glitching beats into the mix. 

Speaking of the release and rRoxymore’s reinterpretation, SHHE said “Making anything that feels personal, it’s natural to feel quite protective I think; you’re conscious of expressing certain parts and you have control over how you do that in many ways. So the idea of giving it to someone else, that it’s open for interpretation, for their interpretation, there’s a freedom and a nervousness in that that I was curious about. The idea of being able to re-identify with certain parts of your own music through someone else. It was interesting to detach myself from that aspect of the project because it makes you aware of certain things that you were too close to see before. To have the tracks reworked by artists whose work I love, whose work that I already felt a connection to, to hear their perspectives and for them to form their own kind of connection to the music, I’ve really enjoyed that. Eyes Shut was the first track I produced and recorded for the record. To open the album with rRoxymore’s rework, she gives the track a whole new energy, there’s an unpredictability to it which I really enjoy.

Video credits: Tommy Perman and Su Shaw.