Video Premiere: Sano – La Grúa


The huge steel crane swung slowly around, it's steel frame screeching with each laborious and meticulous movement. From his darkened room, he watched the city mutate, familial memories erased as the concrete was ripped from its core. The metal beast relished and devoured, wanton in its destruction as it staunchly laid claim to a new future that looked high into the night sky.

Cómeme's latest release comes from Colombian Sano. Inspired by his move to Barcelona, this track explores the spaces inside the slowness and the smoky, rhythmic distortion of 'la grúa' and it's mechanics.  All the artwork and art direction by Naty Lara was inspired in the work of artists like Malevich, Bernardo Bertolucci and Saul Bass with a twisted point of view from 90’s computer graphics, and is part of the imaginary world Sano is building up. The EP also features an 'Interview Remix' by Salon des Amateurs Tolouse Low Trax.

Sano – Los Muchachos EP is due soon on Cómeme and can be found HERE

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