Video Premiere: Ruf Dug – Boat Party


In the distance the hills were tinged with an exotic texture of pinks and gold. It was as if they were touching the sun kissed sky and had become one with the clouds.

As the boat moved across the water there was a shimmering beam of light which cast a spell across the rolling waves. A party was underway, a shining dance-floor and raucous sea of beautiful creatures moving back and forth. The heat was potent.

Ruf Dug is set to release his first new music on Futureboogie in over three years. You know the deal, dance focussed funk with a balearic soul infused edge. The best from the best man in music. 

Next week Ruf Dug will be joined by Glowing Palms and Sarah Bates for a 'Video Rave' in East London as the crew dig through the abstract, glitch laden tapes of the 90's with an ethereal musical soundtrack to boot. 

Attendance is advised. 

Dig the party HERE. Grab the record HERE