Video Premiere: Purplehands – Fading Paths


“She is the Moon soothed by the ancient lullaby of the Supernal Mother. An array of brightly coloured pebbles lie at her feet, a diadem of daffodils and dream-bits on her head, and a collection of reasonably priced records on her lap. She turns her gaze towards you, eyes filled with the howl of countless centuries and offers you an LP from her pile. “Here, shove this on. It’s the new Purplehands. It’s class like.””

New London-based imprint High Priestess Recordings prepare for lift off with their first sonic journey into the unfolding cosmos: a debut LP titled ‘Intimate Fades’ from mysterious Cambridgeshire artist Purplehands. His elegant touch is evident across the entirety of the album, seeing him pull from emotive and atmospheric strains of electro, ambient, bleep techno and IDM. 

With a focus on renewability and sustainability, High Priestess have handcut, water-colour and screen printed 300 copies of the release, working with Netherlands-based Deepgrooves for production and shipping, who are the most environmentally friendly pressing plant in the world. 

Buy HERE. Words by Ru.