Video Premiere: Pose Dia – At The Beach


“I saw you once, I saw you twice, sitting at the beach. You looked at me, I looked back at you, nothing happened. You ran towards me, turned around, took a swim. Are you out there in the sea? Are you out there in the ocean with a walrus? Are you in the mouth of a big fish? Tell me.”

Hamburg’s Helena Ratka is a woman of many talents. Having first emerged as one half of Shari Vari, who have released on It’s and Malka Tuti, Ratka, who moonlights under the alias Pose Dia, is also a resident at the renowned Golden Pudel club and works as a film maker and soundtrack and theatre composer. She brings all these skills together for her first album Front View, a collection of heady synth-pop and post-punk cuts that find a home on local Hamburg imprint, publisher and agency Bureau B. We’ve nabbed the video premiere of the opening track ‘At The Beach’, which shows off Ratka’s dexterity both in front of and behind the camera.

Directed and edited by Helena Ratka. Camera by Felix Janz, Katharina Duve & Helena Ratka. Drone Camera by Timo Grabosch. Special thanks to Martin, Kati, Felix, Maren, Fux, Sam, Kristin, KPTeV, Besti.