Video Premiere: Pera Sta Ori – CIN1


“What comes next?”, she whispered through pursed lips — she’d never been one to bear her emotions, even in times of solace and despair. Practicality and rational thinking were the antidotes to all her problems, her nearest and dearest hadn’t seen her shed a tear since childhood. Whether this was a helpful coping tactic was yet to be decided, but it had served her well until now.

Last month Greek sound artist and producer Pera Sta Ori brought his melange of IDM, bleep and DnB to Amsterdam’s Musar Recordings. Coming after releases for brokntoys, Furthur Electronix and Yellow Machines, ‘IMMI’ (short for immigrant) is a tribute to people who’ve been uprooted, seeing Pera Sta Ori explore “an imaginary world in which misery is erased from memory” through varying sonics; from downtempo trips to crunchy percussive excursions and ambient tones.

Max Kelan Pearce is behind the video for ‘CIN1’, which was filmed on location at Troopers Hill in Bristol. Speaking about the video, Max said: “I have always found this location very interesting due to its unique colour of the stone and also the strange paths that almost look like lashes of paint on the ground.”