Video Premiere: Paco Sala – Silverheels


Paco Sala have just released a new album entitled Der Gast. Released on cassette by the ever excellent Night School Records, the album is a shimmering memory of melancholic synth burners, and had John Carpenter had dedicated himself to directing romantic tragedies rather than blood spattered sci-fi horrors, his soundtracks may have turned out something like Silverheels, the Paco Sala video we're premiering today-


Intrigued, we asked the band to introduce themselves over email – here's what they had to say..

Who does what in Paco Sala, and how did you come together?

Antony – Antony does the music and Birch does the vocals. I posted an online ad a few years back, Birch responded & we clicked.

What is a Paco Sala?

A – It’s an 80’s brand of clementine – the sort that came in a fancy paper wrapper

Im only aware of the latest release – have you done much else? Is there anything readers should check out?

A- We’ve previously done three albums with Digitalis. All 100% amazing. Go get em.

What do you make your stuff on? 

A- Mostly old Roland stuff; an R-70, SH101, a Juno 60. I’m not a gear purist, but I do like hands-on stuff.

Who has got the silverest heels?

A- I haven’t worn shoes in a month. So Birch? 
B.—Is silver a colour?

Where do you imagine the ideal listening spot and situation for Der Gast to be?

A – Good question. To me it feels like a 4am night bus home 
B.—Anywhere with eyes closed and a thick jumper. 

A quick google tells me that Der Gast means "the guest" – I find that slightly sinister, is that just me? What do you think about when you think of the guest?

A – Birch is the guest, she’s just relocated to Berlin. I agree it sounds sinister. My girlfriend describes her period as ‘the visitors’, so we couldn’t use that.
B.— I like the idea that a guest has been invited, and is intended to stay over temporarily. I'm a pretty sticky guest myself.

You've got a very soundtrack-y vibe – is there anything film/ TV wise that you'd loved to have scored?

A – Soundtracks are huge thing for me. I think that’s my default approach to writing. If Ubik ever gets filmed, I’m up to the task.

On Cosi, it sounds to me like you've been absorbing some of the hi-hat programming that features in the current crop of Southern trap/hip hop production – am I way wide of the mark? Are there any influences you have that may be surprising?  

A – It’s fun to play with the percussive elements of trap. I grew up in industrial West Yorkshire, so obviously Atlanta rap has been a huge deal for me. And Dire Straits.
Can we see you play live?

A- If someone books us. So as it stands, no.
B.—I like your optimism Antony. I'm telling you, once he finally puts on his shoes, we're going on a wild world war tour.

A – As a footnote I should explain that I haven't worn shoes in a month cos I mashed my leg up playing football. Its not a hippy thing.

Read anything good lately?

A – I read a lot of sci-fi this year. Snow Crash was the winner.
B.—The Tibetan Book of the Dead. It's mad.

Anything you'd like to add?

A – Nah

So there you have it. Der Gast is available now, and it's really very good. Stop dithering and get a copy from here