Video Premiere: Olivia – Desert Trip


The vast landscape was desolate, its shades of burnt orange and deep red stretching as far as the eye could see.  Little vegetation survived in these parts, there had been no rain in decades leaving the space uninhabitable by most. But some creatures still roamed these rocky lands on their eternal desert trip to an unknown destination…. 

Krakow-based Olivia is one of the most important underground artists in Poland. Through her work as a DJ, both as a resident for Unsound, Jasna 1 and her own We Are Radar parties, as well as being an active voice for the community within her city and the wider country, she’s helped to put Poland’s electronic music scene on the map. After gaining wider recognition for her talents behind the decks, it was only natural that she’d begin to move into the world of production. After a cassette release on K-HOLE TRAX and a recent contribution to Dom Trojga, she makes her debut on Rotterdam’s Pinkman which sees her channeling the sounds she’s become synonymous with in her DJ sets – acid, industrial, 80s wave and EBM – into four hypnotic acid-laced tracks cut for the dance floor.

Buy HERE. Video: Aram Naj.