Video Premiere: Nick Sinna – Black Rose


We've heard it said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Though we're not sure quite how this translates to aural roses, we can tell you that the visual aspect of a black rose is something truly to be admired.

That's particularly when it comes to the visuals accompanying Nick Sinna's new track 'Black Rose' as Alex Egan's creation for your eyes plays the perfect partner to Mr Sinna's sounds. What your eyes are treated to, however, is far from your standard portrait of a rose as they're presented with an array of all sorts of shapes and sizes that'll have you wondering exactly what's going on. Sometimes in life it's best not quite to know what lays before you and you should simply indulge and enjoy.

Go on then, get your goggles on;

Black Rose is out now via Prime Numbers.