Video Premiere: Lipelis & Capablanca – Top Top Top


As the last days of summer lingered, the time had come to escape the fast paced life and blinding lights of the city once more. This time they would venture into the unknown. Into the desolate and untouched regions of the country, where the air felt cleaner and fresher, where nobody knew their names or cared who they were. Vast wheat fields surrounded them as far as they could see; barely any human life existed here, any place that offered food or shelter. That's just how they liked it. 

Russian native Lipelis and Discos Capablanca boss Capablanca have teamed up for the third and final installment of the label's 'Lap Top Less Dance' Trilogy. This follows the 2017 and 2018 releases, the latter of which saw Lipelis, Alessandro Adriani and YPY reimagine Capablanca's original tracks. This time round the new EP features Tiago and label regular Odopt on remix duties. Today we premiere the official video for "Top Top Top" – a collaboration with Hungarian visual artist Mihály Podobni.