Video Premiere: Joefarr & Martyn Hare – Go Fourth


Stare down into the dark and tell the x-ray kaleidoscope your nightmare. The sickly, pharmacy-green glow scanning the deep crevices which roll across your brain, intricate and map-like, will take only moments to locate the information and worry not, the discomfort is minimal.

JoeFarr and Martyn Hare have constructed a behemoth techno tractor which splutters into life before finding gear and roaring across the subconscious, howling a gutteral, fat, white-noise groan, determinedly punctuated by curt, modulating buzzes and washes.

The flashing, whirling patterns are a hypnotic, dystopian Rorschach test seemingly printed on 8mm film, and surge from vague, uncentred shapeless colours quickly to microscopically detailed, frantic pattern expanses. Please forward any resulting hallucinatory experiences or terrifying dreams to Joe Europe.

The record is out on 2nd October through Leyla Records, and you can preorder the vinyl and digital tracks through the Bandcamp