Video Premiere: Glowing Palms – 6:04PM


The time was approaching, it had been a dreadfully long week and there was little left to do but watch the clock. Soon he would be out of here, on to the weekend where he could be happy and free amidst friends and dancers and the wild faces of the weekend. By four minutes past six he would be out of here and on to better things, a place in which nothing else mattered but for freedom fun and the mysterious shadows of the night. 

Glowing Palms is a lovely friend of Ransom Note, a producer of whom we are fond. He touches upon the golden era of boogie and funk in his luxurious productions which have featured on the likes of Ruf Kutz, Blip Discs and A7 Edits.

Now he delivers a track as part of a split EP for Filament. 

Listen and watch the video below: