Video Premiere: George Demure – Cut The Rug

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Scottish producer George T returns under his George Demure alias for the first time in 10 years.

The line climbed all the way round the block and far into the distance, people had been queuing since before dusk settled. The buzz of chatter filled the air, the excitement was palpable: there was no negative energy to be seen, strictly positivity from hereon out. Doors opened soon, and the crowd of partygoers searching for a release would be welcomed to descend into the heady chaos of clubland.

It’s been over 10 years since Scottish DJ and producer George T released music under his George Demure alias. Following a brief signing to Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings in 2007, he released on Tirk Records, before calling it a day in 2010 with his final LP ‘The Drifter’. Now, a decade on, he’s dusted off his gear and jumped back in the saddle, penning an ode to his days digging in, visiting and working in record shops: namely Underground Solu’shn, the Edinburgh store he co-founded, and Phonica and Smallfish — the shops he worked in during the early noughties.

‘The Record Store (A-Z)’, a roll call of the stores that have been part of his 30 year journey, is accompanied by ‘Cut The Rug, a reflective track about the absence of nightclubs. The whole package gets the remix treatment from three of his pals, Gav AKA Fudge Fingas, Jonny Rock and Johnny Aux of Paranoid London.


Buy HERE. Video directed by Bernie Jo Lees.