Video Premiere: Flug 8 Feat. Mono Girl – Watch Me Grow


Today we're giving you the first chance to venture through the forests with the sounds of Flug 8 and Mono Girl flooding your ears. This brand new video sees our precious oxygen-providers given a chance to start in the limelight. Have a read of how Flug 8 explains the visual choices before you immerse yourself in a world of Danish trees;

"The pictures for this video were made in the Forest where Kristina (Mono Girl) grew up, in Denmark. We were there to celebrate Christmas together with the family, and I felt drawn to the naked branches and different vegetations, as the place lies close to a danish Fjord with heath landscapes, but at the other side fir forests. The contrast between those worked hypnotically and abstract, as I grew up in a different kind of nature. I wanted to capture these pictures as a present for Kristina, as she has lived so many years outside her birth country. Then it hit my mind, that our song "Watch me Grow", lyrically from Kristina's perspective is written about her danish roots, and how she's planting a new seed in Germany. I showed her the rough layout and we both liked the idea of morphing the pictures slowly into each other. If you have a fixing point, the branches really work as a great contrast to each other, and suddenly you don't only see the trees, but also find new forms, even figures. We finished the video installation/project together, in front of the fireplace. 🙂 I guess for both of us, it's about melting both of our origins together, in a humble way."


Flug 8's Trans Atlantik is out now – grab your copy here.