Video Premiere: Florian T M Zeisig – First Version


This is a record with an interesting tale, one which it is not our place to tell. It maps a unique and insular experience, reflective of an alternate reality behind the scenes. Loud noises bang and clatter, darkness looms thick and the sound of movement dances wild in the midst of grand halls and foreign rooms. A new dimension for all that attend, yet a lived reality for the individual who finds themselves alone, manning the machine. 

“Coatcheck” is a new album by Florian T M Zeisig, described as a musical reflection upon his “employment at a nightclub”. 

“The record presents different atmospheres and acoustics of the club—a place where people go to escape their working lives and release their inhibitions—from the perspective of a person working there. Functioning as a conceptual map of the space, each track on the album follows a different location of the building, activity, and mood of the worker.”

This track taken from the album is visually enhanced by a video by Mariana Daniela Torres, a talented filmmaker from Mexico.