Video Premiere: Cindy – Never Let Me Go (Part II)


“I sometimes think that… if I dream hard enough… I could touch Justin. But is he real? Or is he just inside my head?”

Welcome to the world of Cindy, a character that has been at the core of much of Kai Hugo’s work over the last four years. Better known under the guise of Palmbomen, Cindy Savalas was first imagined on his 2015 self-titled LP and as time has gone on, Hugo’s life has become more intertwined with hers.

Cindy was brought to life by actress and director Blue LoLãn in a music video for the aforementioned song, which added an extra layer to the character and instilled a deeper connection for Hugo. This inspired the creation of Memories Of Cindy, an LP that further explored her character and Carmel Vista, the town where Cindy lived. 

We now meet Cindy once again, this time for I’m Cindy which is the first time she really takes centre stage. Blending together hazy shoegaze, Italo disco and dream pop elements, the 13 tracks across the record recall influences like the Cocteau Twins and Slowdive but also draw on Hugo’s love of mainstream pop.

Speaking about this release, Hugo admits “it’s actually a very personal album for me. I was able to say some very personal things but then distance myself from it, because an actor is saying them. But it’s about my personal feelings, for people in the past, it’s about my mum and much more. It’s just translated through the eyes of a young girl.”