Video Premiere: C.A.R. – Distraction (Lockdown Live Version)


Today marks the release of a special new remix bundle of Canadian born, singular underground producer and lyricist, Chloé Raunet aka C.A.R. 

Earlier in the year she released her third album on Ransom Note Records. ‘Crossing Prior Street’ is an album dedicated to restlessness and the sound of Raunet reconciling two halves of herself. 
In celebration friends near and far have broken down and pieced back together tracks from the album which takes the form of ‘Recrossing Prior Street’.
With the utmost care taken to preserve C.A.R.’s gritty pop-infused aesthetic, remixes from Radioactive Man, GLOK, Richard Sen, Suzanne Kraft and Trenton Chase recontextualise the album, designed to be played loud in dark, smoke filled dance floors, or until further notice, the living-room floor.

Speaking of living rooms, Chloe has recorded an exclusive live version of a track from the album. A rare, personal rendition of a track performed live from her home during lockdown. Filmed by the great Kate Green.

Watch below: