Video Premiere: Camea – The Hallway


Remeber those old ghost town rides at theme parks? This is what Camea's new release video for 'The Hallway' is like. You can see where you're going but you have absolutely no way of getting off and the more your scream and cry, the more awful and terrifying it becomes. Perhaps that was just me but that wet patch was not me okay!? OKAY?!?!? The more and more you become engrossed in the these sounds, you think you recognise these places. Suddenly, you see a furry friend glaring at you and it's crude grin eats away your soul until you cry some more on the scary ghost ride train, just when that awful skeleton man appears who you've taken your eye off for a split second. MUMMY, I WANT TO GET OFF!

Camea herself plays both twins, alive and minus the blood and little blue dresses, from that famous hallway scene and yes, you are Daniel on the little tricycle: cycle, cycle as fast as you can. Luckily, you have long car rides to take you and your tricycle away from The Hallway where the negative colour makes you question what you're seeing in The Hallway

Go on then, dig in. If you dare;

The Hallway is out now via Bpitch Control, grab your copy here.