Video Premiere: Bat-Bike – We Like Tom Waits (He’s Famous)


Bat-Bike are on Trashmouth Records, one of the tiny handful of labels who genuinely get what guitar music should be about, namely; outcasts, roughnecks and urchins sniping and cackling at life from the gutter. As far as we can tell, Bat-Bike have crawled out of South London – always a good start – and today's video is shot in something that appears to be a Downham community centre. They've also been running a night called Chubby in Deptford's notorious punk hangout The Birdsnest, which basically gives em perfect credentials in our book. We Like Tom Waits (He's Famous) is a jangling howl of a song, raucous, silly, catchy and fly. We like it. Here it is.

Image courtesy of the ever excellent Lou Smith