Round Up 08.07.16


Auntie Flo Feat. Samuel Nalangirla – Kampala Boda Boda Ride

The ride was long through the mountains of the Kampala Boda Boda. The road was steep, treacherous and difficult. However, the car kept rolling and the wheels were alive. The heat beamed down from the heavens above, little lived up here apart from dirt and rock. No grass grew, no life outside. The mountains had evolved with time. They hoped to survive this. 

Aunti Flo features on the latest edition of the Mushroom House series. He delivers a track with true worldly sensibilities which reflect his recent output. Listen below: 

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Sebastien Bouchet – Cosmic Ray

The light lit up the early morning sky. A cosmic ray of gold christened the opening of the day and the sky turned a radiant blue. Around the world people were waking, rising to the beginning of a new dawn. This was the start of something special, something new, something profound. That cosmic ray was an inspiration to them all and they would now gather themselves in forward motion.

Up next on the Pachanga Boys record label, Hippie Dance, steps Sebastien Bouchet. Titled 'Coyote Cry' the EP sees him weave a web of illustrious house and odd dancefloor textures. Listen to 'Cosmic Ray' below: 

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Vox Low – Some Words Of Faith

In times of darkness and peril often it can be hard to find the guiding light at the far end of the tunnel. Motivation, hope and trust can be required but most importantly what is needed are some words of faith. Some words of courage and some words which will see you through to the other side of the black. Who will step up to deliver? Who will speak the words of reason and truth? Not I, not you, but maybe someone else is out there, waiting to voice a cry. 

Vox Low seem to be continuously pushing out music at present. Their output is vast and very, very good. There latest EP for Correspondant is titled 'The Hunt'. We bring you what has been the selectors favourite cut from the EP so far, 'Some Words of Faith'. Listen below: 

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Photo by Marion Barat.

Rouge Mecanique -Ampedusa Xaver

The mystical God saw all. His eyes would watch down upon this tiny earth with a glimmering flicker from above. His gaze remained unchanged, unaltered, piercing and cold. This planet was capable of destroying itself, sink or swim the outcome was anyones guess but for now he was simply happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. He was Ampedusa Xaver and he saw all. 

Discos Capablanca return following recent releases from Scott Young, Keita Sano and Marc Piñol. Up next steps Rouge Mécanique who has most recognisably released on I'm A Cliche's Edit Service label. He deliversfour tracks of dark moody ambience. Weird, odd and built for the clubs listen to 'Ampedusa Xaver' below:    

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Clandestino – Pannal

Fresh from their 18 holes, the pastel clad trio of Yorkshire gents retired to their special 19th hole. Tonight they were celebrating, not only an above par afternoon, but the heady and misty days of misspent youth. Recreating the vibes and flavours of those nights out when they were younger, angrier and less successful, they were determined to send a wake-up call to this sleepy village they now called their home. Introducing the ladies to some acid, they let the squelches take the lead, softly padding and clapping insanely beneath the oak beams of this most civil and treasured retreat. Even those that had blocked the more junior ideals from their formative socialising could not help but get dewy eyed at the naughtier times back in the Northern Nineties.

Alphabetical Clandestinos Iain, Joe and Nick pay a wonderful and respectful homage to the mid 90s with this dark and moody acid house bubbler, taking it back to a sweaty warehouse somewhere in the Leeds/ Manchester/ Sheffield Triangle. Just like in those smokey low-key clubbing spaces, elements disappear and reappear with delightful surprise. Jarg narcs unnecessary this time.

Clandestino – Omega System EP is released by Join Our Club and is available HERE.

Toby Tobias – A Room For Babette (Ptaki Remix)

The tower loomed ominously from above. Grey brick and damp wood shrouded what lay inside its cavernous walls, you might never know of the true beuaty which existed beyond its prison. A room for babette was waiting somewhere within. It was enchanting, peaceful and still, almost as if part of some distant world. Not the world inhabited outside the brick of the tower.

Up next on Cosmic Pint Glass steps Toby Tobias. He unveils two tracks for the label accompanied by a Ptaki remix. The release follows a busy spell for the relatively new label who have previously released music from the likes of Ruf Dug and Tony G. Listen to the Ptaki remix from the forthcoming release below: 

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Silver Waves – VI (Ossia Remix)

The number six remains ever present, ever dark, ever monotonous. It was here now. With them. 

Ossia has remixed the work of Silver Waves on Howling Owl/ Portals Editions. He describes the process as follows. 

"All sounds, apart from the main hand-drum pattern, have been coaxed out of Silver Waves original recording, and skewed via an old Trident mixing desk, re-sampled & played / pitched / reversed / filtered / distorted and shot back through the Space-Echo, an old Copicat Delay + a few other bits and pieces. The track was made in two full days of aggressive meditation, with little sleep in between."

Listen below:

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Robert Lippok – +

Positive or negative, only time would tell. Life and death depended on the outcome but at present he remained calm, cool and collected. He had little choice. That plus or minus would determine the very course of his future, his existence, his soul. The hour would come, and soon he would know all. However, for now, he was happy to sit and wait, watching the wall, before an outcome was revealed. 

Flau is a record label of which you might be unfamiliar with. Based in Tokyo, Japan they have been operating since 2006 and have remained low key and under the radar of many. Mid June saw the release of 'Open Close Open' : a four track EP from Robert Lippok. And whilst we aren't in the habit of premiering music which is already out in the open, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to showcase something from the unknown. Listen to "+" below: 

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Moda – 4 My People

A silence fell throughout the great tent. The lights darkened and a strange fear ushered its way through those who had gathered to watch. This was a cult, a celebration, a plan for the future. However, that did not mean that it did not strike fear into their very core, for it was supposed to, it was supposed to be unnerving. Abnormal, abhorrent, it was a thing of beauty. A large cry echoed throughout the space, it beckoned and bellowed against the walls of the tent. This was for my people. 

Deeply Cultured is a record label originating from the streets of London. Moda, based in Sweden provides their second release. Listen to "4 My People" from the EP below: 

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