Premieres 15.01.16



Phillip Lauer seems to be generating a vast amount of music at present. Every couple of weeks an email will drop into our busy inboxes with a new release or remix from the Tuff City Kids member. His album for Permanent Vacation last year caught our attention with it's zealous melodies and excitable percussion. It was a real feel good affair which can often go amiss. His sensibilities remain similar on his latest release for Futureboogie. Listen to Birsk below: 

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The white island is a mythical place, a magical haven amidst the adriatic sea. Blue waves move above the sands as they slowly come and go with the tide. A school of fish swims beneath the water amidst corals and underneath the warm rays of the sun. 

Paul Twin has captured the essence of melancholy and euphoria on this release for Nous'klaer Audio. The rise and fall of a melody is prevelant throughout and a peaceful ambience rides on the breeze of side A's title track 'A White Island'. This is a record which has been in the pipeline for years according to the label and the psychedelic dimensions to the sounds featured on the release indicate that this is a creation which has taken great time and care. Listen Below: 

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Melt Yourself Down were described to us as a "group of electrified funk mutants". The groups music takes influences from far and wide as sounds smash together to create uncompromising riffs, melodies and noise. Their forthcoming release is being released by The Leaf Label and has been remixed by an afro beat champion, DJ Khalab, who has recently been receiving support from the likes of Giles Peterson and Huntleys & Palmers. We have an exclusive first listen of the remix. Listen Below: 

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"Good morning class".

"GOOOD MORRNNING MR. LEEDAM", the class noisily chorus back to the headmaster.

"Unfortunately, Mrs. Nelson won't be taking music today as her cat Pickles has had to go to the vets, with his infected paw. Today's lesson will be held by our supply teacher Mr. Reich. I'm sure you'll all give him a warm Weston Point welcome".

"Right class, please get into pairs and choose an instrument from the music chest and then separate into groups in each corner", he commands as he points to the four extremes of the assembly hall. 

Inseparable as usual, Chris & Jamie charge to the wooden box and rifle through the wooden and metal treasures. Triangles, castanets, cowbell and cabasa are discarded and they grab the guiro, leaving the other kids to get sweaty seconds.

Once in their parties, the teacher commands quiet while he explains and writes on the blackboard "S-Y-N-C-O-P-A-T-I-O-N". Going around the room, the kids are given the nod and the eager pupils, clang and shake, holding fire until Sir waves a firm hand. Circling the sounds, the rhythms repeat as the triangles ting and coconuts are clopped. Chris & Jamie take turns to scratch & ratchet while Mr. Reich claps steadily, as The Head peers in curiously through the hallway and ponders poor Pickles' predicament…

Ess O Ess – Cantillate is out on 25th January on Not An Animal Records. Follow them HERE.


C.A.R. (the project of French "weird, electronic geek" Chloe Raunet) have made a video to accompany a demo track from her forthcoming LP. Cropped together by herself, the DIY edit was shot in Vancouver with her boiler suit-clad frame providing the projection screen. Chloe has been growing her live act, performing in Manchester recently and coming this month to London, as well as working on projects with Manfredas, Red Axes & Ivan Smagghe. Watch the video below – live bass, lo-fi beats, multi track female vox, eerie synths, we fecking love it here.

Catch C.A.R. live at White Heat on 29th January. You can follow them HERE.


The water ripples and shimmers as he swims into the sunlight: the trees cast shadows across the lake as his stroke quickens and he dives below the waves. He isn't entirely certain as to where he will swim, maybe the cliffs in the distance or the embankment beside the stepping stones, he smiles as he remembers it isn't about the conclusion of his dive but the motion of getting there… Ethyl & Flori have delivered a new three track EP of depth. It's immersive like the lake. Listen Below:  

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Benoit Gagnon & Massimiliano Pagliara – In Spirals

Since opening our Christmas box back in the 80's and spending many creative hours with multi-coloured biros and plastic cogs (pitch to Tony Hayers – The Great British Spirograph Challenge), we've become fascinated by the spiral. Liquorice wheels enticing us towards the jelly button and subsequent tooth loss. The cheap Catherine wheels pinned to a fence to commemorate a dead christian, which was the pinnacle of Bommy Night. Helter skelters and that coconut mat reminiscent of getting a backie from a rather hirsute naked ginner. Those mad eyes that hypnotists have just so you know they are dangerous charlatans. And drugs probably, and carpets unfortunately.

Our latest addition to said fascination is this. Full of cyclical riffing, circulating clapping and rotating reverberation. A revolving, coiling, chaotic, corkscrewer of a rekkid. Wind it up.

Benoit Gagnon & Massimiliano Pagliara – In Spirals EP is out on Correspondant on 29th January. Follow them HERE