Premieres 08.01.16



The winter days are still such a drag. Those dark, cold nights seem to arrive earlier each day and clear cut daylight is few and far between. Christmas has passed and festivities have subsided, summer dreaming has begun and the longing for the warmth in the air and blue skies grows and grows each day. We need “Paradise”, we need it now more than ever: an island some place, a drink in hand and the sweet chimes of music in the air. Lootbeg has provided it in audio form for us on the latest release from Blaq Numbers. This one is dreamy, listen below:

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Post gig, pedals packed, cables coiled, flight cases full, the lads look at the flyer tucked into the mirror clip backstage. “¡CLUB MAS CALIENTE DE LA CIUDAD!” emblazoned luridly on the glossy A6. Uber hailed, they bundle inside and hand the ad to the driver, catching his quizzical glance back at them in the rear-view mirror. A sharp detour and the three amigos are past the bouncer and on to the neon-lit dancefloor of Chipotle. Unshackled and unstrapped from their musical umbrage, the handclaps and snatched chatter of the beautiful people are what they demand right now. Their eyes widen as their hips loosen and the chemistry canters, while the smoke machine sighs and the loving gets long into the night.

Gatos Negros – Overdrive EP is released on Rotten City Files soon. Follow them HERE.