Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Tears


The end of another year was quickly approaching, signalled by cold, crisp nights and oversized winter coats and wooly hats. The park was covered in autumnal shades of sienna and orange that crunched underfoot as crowds of people made their way through the gates huddled together for warmth. The show was about to start. Gasps and cheers came from the crowd as huge fireworks exploded across the sky, painting the night with sparkling colours of pink, blue and green. It was a beautiful site to behold, a true spectacle.  

Zodiac Childs is gearing up to release his second EP on his own Zodiac Wax imprint, inspired by The UK's breakbeat and hardcore legacy. The three tracker is filled with euphoric melodies, crisp percussion, dusty breaks and resounding subs; mesmerising from start to finish…