Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Life Blood


There was a deep rumble as he marched through the empty subway station with purpose. The train went roaring past and did not stop aside the platform for it had places to be. His mind was racing and his life blood was running low. He needed a hit from the street outside but could not find the apporopriate exist. Perhaps he had truly overdone it this time, perhaps his seem was up and there was no way back. Ah well, at least he would go out in fine style. 

Electro is back. Techno is back. It's all back and in the best way. This EP is a reminder that there is life in the old beast yet and that the best may still be yet to come. Zodiac Wax delivers a rugged new approach to the genre with an opener which ticks all the right boxes as Zodiac Childs steps up. Listen below: