Premiere: Zodiac Childs – Diviner


Hacking through the dense thicket with his biggest machete, the explorer was sorely regretting the loss of his compass in that hairy escapade atop the waterfall a few days back. After all, what good is a map without a compass? Staring in a daze at the vast expanse of green, he had to admit to himself that he was well and truly lost. If only he had learnt to navigate by the stars, he sighed. Or maybe a friendly baboon would show him the way? Delirium was starting to kick in due to sleep deprivation. Well that, and the medium-size box of psychedelic toads he had been given as a present by the chieftain. It would have been rude to refuse. And boring not to indulge.

Zodiac Childs debuts on his own vinyl-only Zodiac Wax imprint with a killer 12" called EP 1 – thankfully the music is a lot more fleshed out than the title! We're premiering 'Diviner' which is a gorgeously lush breakbeat cut given a sour aftertaste by that spritely little acid synth line. Blissed out rave vocals cap the whole thing off in style. Highly recommended! Listen here:

EP 1 is out 19th Jan on Zodiac Wax. Pre-order it here.

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