Premiere: Zmatsutsi – Les Europeennes


The Europeans knew how to celebrate a union, and how to throw a party. From the gentle rhythms and hand claps, applauding neighbours joined in with their soft pads like a hazy mediterranean breeze. Section by section, the union grew, gentle mallets and repeated Rhodes from over the border. The Belgians brought the bass, and bounced and looped it and gave this continental disco momentum. The bumbling Brits were not invited.

Balearic Social deliver their second release on the label, with a four track EP from the "not now so mysterious" Zmatsutsi. The Yorkshire combo of party-starters, frazzled friends and all-day reprobates have produced this track, a chugging, building and yet somehow restrained cut, that is until the funk of the bassline gets disco-zapped and all the pieces of this fit deliriously together. Let's Remain.

Zmatsutsi – Mogadishu EP is due soon on Balearic Social Records and is available to pre-order HERE.

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