Premiere: ZiyiZ – Entity Preferences


He walked further and further, and each step took him closer to his fate. The sound that the leaves made as they crunched under his footsteps was the only thing that could be heard. It was pitch black now, and a fear he had never felt before sunk deep into his stomach. Where had everybody gone? His arms were stretched out in front him, finding trees, branches, and bushes in the darkness that guided him to nowhere. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up straight as he felt a warm wind pass through him. “Are you lost?”

Leeds producer Lawrence Nash unveils a new alias, ZiyiZ, who has built his own mysterious world through visual and audio. Referring to himself as an “archivist”, a collector of objects who is merely facilitating a story, his new moniker comes to life for the first time with five tracks on Manchester/Berlin-based label Failed Units. The release, titled Rescue & Research Pt. 3, traverses the psychedelic outer-rims of techno and bass, with our pick “Entity Preferences,” exhibiting the latter.