Premiere: Zillas On Acid – A Wonderful Time in A Terrible Club


The queue stretched round the block and it showed no signs of moving anytime soon. People had been waiting here since before the doors opened, eager to hear what all the fuss was about. Since this space had opened, it had been impossible to get in, but the rave reviews kept the crowds coming back, hoping for a glimpse of this so-called utopia. You needed a stroke of luck to make it through the entrance…

Following a handful of remix packages, Inside Out Records return with an original solo EP from Zillas On Acid, marking his debut on the London-based label. With both eyes fixed firmly on the dance floor, the three original tracks transport you to a dark sweaty basement, urging you to oscillate to revving bass lines, soaring acid lines and warped vocal samples. Zillas On Acid’s originals are joined by two remixes from Fantastic Twins and Black Merlin, who drive the tracks into psychedelic and hypnotic spaces.