Premiere: Zaltsman – Nao Paro

Nao Paro Artwork

The Emergency Room boss pays homage to Brazil’s funk scene.

The sun had barely risen as he clocked in at the front door of his office. Without fail, he was always the first one in and the last one out; in his mind there was something to prove. How could he possibly make it to the top of the food chain if he didn’t put the hours in? But it wasn’t just the time, he had to throw others under the bus to climb the ladder. He’d do whatever it took.


During the pandemic, DJ and Emergency Room boss Zaltsman had plenty of time on his hands to make new music. Refining what he terms as a ‘bouncy UK style’, his output touches on elements of house, UK funky and stripped back techno and has seen him contribute tracks and remixes on Dansu Discs and Distrokid. He self-releases his next cut, ‘Nao Paro’, which he cites as a homage to the funk scene in Brazil, sampling the lyrics of Diadema-based rapper MC Petter.