Premiere: Yushh – Periwink


There was a chill in the air, the kind that preceded a sinister or unfortunate event.

Now darkness arrived much earlier, the streets emptied leaving only the nightcrawlers to roam at their leisure. Under the veil of night, societal rules went out of the window. There was no longer any law enforcement patrolling these parts, they’d given up on that a long time ago, there was only so much that could be done to keep these creatures at bay.

Following releases from Lårry and Aroent, Berlin-based imprint Awkwardly Social are gearing up for their first ever VA, bringing together some of their favourite artists and label mates. A release that’s given the label ‘plenty to be excited about’, the four tracks feature music from previous affiliate Lårry, Pugilist, J.Wiltshire and Yushh, all of whom bring different flavours with their originals: from ambient to glitch, electro and leftfield.